Gireesh Kumar is looking for a Room / Apartment / Studio in Groningen

Gireesh Kumar is looking for: A Room / Apartment / Studio in Groningen

  • Room / Apartment / Studio
  • Min. 15 m2
  • Male
  • 27 Immediately

Hi folks I am a friendly and social guy from India. I love to travel and explore different cultures. I am going to start my 2 year research masters at the UG. Hence, I am moving to Groningen this August and looking forward for my time in this beautiful city. I am looking for an apartment or studio to rent for an indefinite period with a price bracket of 400 - 600 (depending on the amenities and space offered)

General information: Gireesh Kumar
  Male, 32 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  2nd study year Clinical Research at UMCG (University)